Project Objectives

  • To provide a forum for exchange of ideas and technical skills and resources for youth.
  • To give youth a voice on issues that affect them.
  • To advocate for youth rights.
  • To provide programming (content) that satisfies and benefits youth, content not personality driven.
  • To reach a large proportion of youth in Monrovia and nearby.
  • To make youth aware of their rights, including to study, vote and work, and assist them navigate legally, with a strong focus on females.
  • To promote and practice gender equality and main-streaming including for youth with a disability, bad background or stigma, eg HIV.
  • To give youth-focussed NGOs and service providers a platform to reach youth and others interested in youth affairs, including parents, and help
    integrate their work.
  • To give rich opportunity to many youth (ideally 50-100 per year).
  • To seek youth inspired solutions for problems faced by Liberians.
  • To generate income that can be invested in community development and youth training.
  • To counter the negative portrayal of youth in the media and society, by showing positive examples and dispelling myths.
  • And to develop media and work skills of youth through training and experience, and create career opportunities.

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