The concept will address the above in the following ways:

  • Establish a FM broadcasting service coupled with other delivery formats (channels).
  • Mix of talk and music (around 40:60) with lots of interactive issue-based programming including analysis of news in youth context.
  • Facilitate regular community events with youth and youth- interested audiences, like family concerts.
  • Create youth / listener programme co-creation panels to continually develop and improve programming.
  • Regular fast communication process based on mobile phone and word of mouth with stakeholders. Fast mobilisation capacity (telco driven).
  • A membership-based model with stakeholders inc. volunteers all being members of the station with rights and obligations.
  • A systematic approach to audience engagement and research, with regular data collection and analysis, shared with listeners and relevant stakeholders including NGOs. Provision of unique audience insights for interested parties.
  • Content sharing partnerships and co-promotion with youth groups, schools, service providers and other media houses.
  • A correspondent network to identify and develop news and other content.
  • Re-purposing and selling its unique content to other radios, media and NGOs.
  • Training of youth in all facets of media operations including business, journalism, production and presentation.
  • Lobbying, reporting and engagement of policy-makers and influencers on youth rights, rights abuses, issues etc.
  • Establishing programme listening clubs and sessions, where youth listen together then discuss issues, including school debate clubs.
  • Youth recruited based on application, demonstrating motivation and interest, notably in one or more of these themes: justice, corruption, equal opportunity and information accuracy. Applicants to be biased to female and those from disadvantaged backgrounds and troubled communities.
  • Constant refresh of staff, no staff working for longer than 12 months, dynamic flow of new people and ideas.

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