VOX Guiding principles

Audience-driven programming.

Diverse community of youth doing something for itself, ie owning and controlling its own means of communication. Radio plus by and for youth and those who care about their future.

A clear development agenda and manifesto.
Focussed on youth education, development, and media training & empowerment shaped by youth.

Connected with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2030).

Representative and democracy based governance and management, to build essential skills.

and developing content more so than simply broadcasting / talking about information produced by others.

Youth as majority of staff (and be voluntary to begin with) and be active in all facets including governance.

Youth recruited on a continuous basis
for terms of up to 12 months to work in the radio, with a bias to females and especially-disadvantaged youth.

Focus on impact, and be measured by what it does tangibly in the community, in terms of youth better informed and skilled, but more so, attitude
and behaviour change tracked over time.

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